Route de la lavande

Plateau of Valensole 1/2 day (4 hours)

As soon as you arrive in  the lavender fields  of Valensole, you really get the sense that you are "in Provence"

lavender fields valensole. Jean Giono, a famous french writer from the region, remarked that, lavender is the soul of Provence.

The flowers are in full bloom from mid June to mid August and you are immediately overwhelmed by the vast endless Lavender fields Valensole,  a mauve horizon as far as the eye can see. Unmissable!

The heavy scent of lavender is intoxicating, awakening your senses with its sweet perfume. Take this moment to savour this wonderful experience.

We will have time to take photos before visiting the 'Terraroma' lavander distillery  (Guided tours are only in the summer) However, it is open all year round, 7 days a week. Equally to be admired on the plateau, are the almond and olive trees.

For a whole day, we will  continue to Moustiers- sainte- Marie, said to be one of the most beautiful villages in France and  undoubtedly the capital of ceramics.

Sitting at the base of 2 rocky cliffs, Moustiers resembles a nativity scene. Between the rocks, a thick chain holds a large goldleaf star. The mystery of its origin and meaning remains.

A mountain stream creates a lovely cascade that splits the village in two. There are numerous fountains and the sound of water is everywhere.

Explore its many narrow streets and ceramic shops, whislt soaking up the atmosphere of this exceptional village.

Climb the many steps leading up to the little chapel of Notre Dame de Bauvoir, which dates between the 12th and the 16th century. Here, you will have a marvellous view of the rooftops, the valley and Lac St Croix.

We will Pass through the little village of La Palud-sur-Verdon to « la route des crêtes », where you will be able to admire the spectalcular Gorges, naturally created by the Verdon river. This impetuous river takes its name from its green colour.

Often we will be able to observe vultures and chamois, as well as a few intrepid climbers.

 Prices on demand

Departures from the tourist offices of Sisteron, Château-Arnoux, Digne les Bains, Manosque, Gréoux les Bains.


45€ Per person 25€ children (-12 years old)

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