La route du temps

1/2 day (4 hours) 45€ per person - 25€ per children

From Sisteron to Digne- Les -Bainsla route du Temps is a fascinating journey with contrasting landscapes and spectacular views.

The rock formations are very characteristic of the Alpes De Haute Provence. When you begin to climb this little winding road, the first thing you will see is “la Porte de Provence” the clue de Sisteron and the Citadelle. A little further, we will see the Pierres Ecrites, a roman inscription engraved in a rock and dating back to the fith century, testimony of the Roman presence in Provence.

With a little imagination you could still see them marching along the road. We will pass through the charming villages of St Geniez and Authon. In Authon many people stop at the lovely fountain where an endless source welcomes you.

The col de Fontbelle at 1304 mts altitude is a haven of freshshness , with picnic benches under a canope of tall conifers, a little fountain to refresh yourselves and time to have a walk around.

To the north of Digne, after having crossed a little bridge we enter the geological nature reserve of Haute Provence where a wonder awaits you.

La Dalle aux Ammonites is a remarkable natural site where amazing fossils have been uncovered. It is world renowned.

Les Clues de Barles

The river Bès has carved a spectacular gash in the limestone and the Jurassic strata rises above the swirling torrent, creating pools and mini cascades.

The road was only opened in 1913.

Departures from the tourist offices of Sisteron, Château-Arnoux, Digne les Bains, Manosque, Gréoux les Bains.

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